“The entire team at Right Think were extremely responsive and helpful. But what I really appreciated was their innovation in designs. They really understood my brand and were able to create a beautiful visual representation of who we are.”

— Amy Walker, Founder & CEO, Amy Walker Consulting


• Revitalized Brand Brief

• New Logo Architecture

• Social Media Graphics

• Business Cards



The company was needing a rebrand to look more professional and accommodate higher-paying clients and new avatars as well as seeking a brand architecture design that would allow the addition of new brands under the Amy Walker umbrella. Rebranding an established brand takes special considerations and expertise that we were able to offer AWC.


Since Amy Walker is pretty brand savvy, she was able to identify that her company was beginning to outgrow its brand and take off in new directions and understood that it was time to make some adjustments in her brand positioning. When she first started her business from home, she was doing webinars and a radio show directed at women entrepreneurs with the message of balancing business and family. This grew like wildfire as she expanded into offering business and marketing coaching packages that created real results in people’s businesses. She began doing live speaking events and creating her own business summits and now has a large following of people from many demographics.


One of the first things we needed to look at with the AWC brand was how feminine it was. This made sense in the beginning with a women-only audience. But with an ever-growing male following, we needed to tone down the hot pink color palette without confusing her existing clients. The font also needed to be more professional to put her in the ranks of other highly paid speakers in her field.

AWC was also creating two new brands under its corporate umbrella, which included Amy Walker Living and Amy Walker Speaks. All three Amy Walker brands had very different end goals and different target avatars, so it needed a strategically designed architecture that made sense to people.


Amy Walker Living was to become a platform for Amy to engage with the everyday woman who is looking for a place to focus on the things that matter most to her: being a wife and mother. It is a space designed to help women nd more peace, joy, and play in life, offering parenting and marriage tips and advice on designing a life on your own terms. The Living brand needed to convey the attributes of quirky/imperfect, joyful, real/relatable, and honest/authentic.

Amy Walker Speaks, however, is seeking after opportunities for lucrative speaking engagements among businesses/corporations, government and private events. This brand needed to give off a sense of credibility, results, expertise, and sophistication.


All of the concepts we developed for AWC would have been good choices for the company, but they all conveyed slightly different messages. Amy ended up choosing the one that felt the most like her. It is professional, but doesn’t say “out-of-reach-expensive” to her prospects. It is honest and authentic. Her color scheme is more gender neutral and sophisticated. All of her brands work individually to convey their messages, as well as work together as a whole.