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Intelligent Contacts is an established, cloud-based company that offers super smart tech to contact centers that allows them to interact with customers like never before. Boasting a long list of services as well as the fastest setup time and customization in the industry, the old IC brand was not doing the company justice. The brand needed a reboot and a refresh to get the visuals up to speed with its modern, cutting-edge technologies. The company was also looking to be acquired and so needed to add value to the purchase price by polishing its image and growing revenue as fast as possible.

Intelligent Contacts was founded five years ago and hit its stride serving contact centers in the healthcare and debt collection industries. The company had reached a point where it had outgrown its brand and now needed a way to communicate to potential customers how it is different and superior to competing companies. The old brand looked outdated and vanilla. When you compared it visually with the competition, there was nothing that made it stand out. Branding wise, all IC’s competitors looked better.


Right from the start, we knew telling the brand’s story would be tricky. When we received the target brand personas back from the client, we noticed there were 3 main personas that were strikingly different. The big question became, how could we create a brand that would resonate with the needs and desires of all 3 at the same time? We also needed to create a brand that stood out from the competition and came from a platform that made sense for selling IC’s products and services.

Intelligent Contacts’ brand imagery conveys the message of harnessing technology to make business systems simpler, connected and within reach. The photography takes on a magical quality as it visualizes the unseen and mysterious network of technological advances. Also, unlike competitors, it positions you in the marketplace as a technological leader and focuses on improving the experience of the client rather than solely the experience of the end user.


We tried on a few brand archetypes for IC, until we found a good fit with Magician. Telling the brand’s story from the perspective of the Magician, allowed us to appeal to all of the target brand personas and became an excellent way to sell the “magic” of their cutting-edge technologies, tiny turnaround time and amazing customization. It was also very different from how any of the competition was approaching their brand strategy.  


The final brand identity freshens the tired and dingy color scheme as well as modernizes the typeface, creating the modern, crisp look we were after. The logo shapes and gradients suggest atomic movement and bring to mind both science and the magic of technology. Photography for the brand is crisp and clean with rich, cool hues. The brand’s graphic elements and overlays are really what tells the story, though. Connecting lines, geometric shapes and techy patterns, leave the customer feeling like Intelligent Contacts is the brand of choice.