Ruby Mountain, Nevada

“The entire team at Right Think were extremely responsive and helpful. But what I really appreciated was their innovation in designs. They really understood my brand and were able to create a beautiful visual representation of who we are.”

— Selena Sorensen, Owner


• Revitalized Brand Brief

• New Logo Architecture

• Social Media Graphics

• Business Cards

• Website

• Signage



Ruby Mountain is a family owned and operated cattle ranch that specializes in bringing grass-fed, nourishing beef to families’ kitchen tables. From the nutrients in the soil that grow the healthy grass that feeds the cows to the humane way the animals are harvested, Ruby Mountain’s brand message is about quality, responsibility, and family. The company hired us because they were branching out into mail order services and needed a brand that appealed to the target market. As you can see below, their old brand wasn’t going to make the cut.


Up until 2015, Ruby Mountain’s success depended largely on local restaurants and long-existing accounts. Future plans for the company included adding a new service that would ship farm-fresh beef to households all over the country. Marketing for this new service would take place mostly on social media channels. The company realized that in order to expand into a new market demographic, that they would need to take a look at their brand and make sure it was working hard to communicate their messaging. What we found wasn’t good. 


In addition to being incredibly outdated, Ruby Mountain’s old logo said nothing about who they are. You can see below that the old logo was sterile and stark. Even though it says the words “natural foods,” the visual feeling you get from the art is unfriendly and cold. It resembles something you might see on a frozen food company carton delivered to the loading dock of a restaurant, but it definitely does not promising a customer-facing, fresh, all-natural, family-oriented experience. It missed the mark completely. 


We created Ruby Mountain’s new logo with their messaging in mind. The rich brown and green color scheme represents the natural processes and products that Ruby Mountain utilizes and provides. The badge style of the logo suggests tradition and a seal of quality. The typography is trustworthy with a touch of the rugged outdoors. And, the cow grazing immediately communicates to the customer that this is a grass-fed beef company.


After the final logo was approved, we began working on the other marketing materials the brand needed to stay consistent with its messaging. It is vital that the customer understands who Ruby Mountain is, as well as the value that they offer. Since buying meat from Ruby Mountain costs more than the meat at the grocery store, the look of the brand needs to command a premium and live up to its promise. 


The new Ruby Mountain brand works to convey the brand message of nutritious, all-natural grass-fed beef to a target market that values giving their family the best quality food. Compared to other well-established brands in the same niche, Ruby Mountain holds its own. Good design and consistency give the brand legitimacy that builds trust and customer loyalty.