Branding is one of the most important investments you can make in your business because it focuses your message, identifies your target audience and finds a way for you to differentiate your business from the competition.





What else do you need to make your brand rock?

•  Social Media Graphics  •  Email Headers  •  Business Card  •  Packaging  •  Brochures  •  Signage  •  Website 



So we can build a package that is perfect for you.


Our branding process takes approximately 4-6 weeks, starting with strategy through completed deliverables. If you purchase additional packages, you can expect longer timelines.
1) Consultation
Let’s chat about your project and put together a proposal that is customized for what you need.
2) Brand Messaging
We’ll kick off your project with a brand strategy session which will give us the information we need about your brand to develop your brand visuals. We will identify your Purpose, Positioning, Promise, and Personality in order to find a way to attract the right customers and make you stand out from the competition.
3) Brand Identity
Next, we move into designing your logo concepts that visualize the strategies we put together in the Messaging phase. This phase is all about finding a way to communicate your big idea and help people remember you.
4) Brand Expression
After your logo is finished, it’s time to begin working on your other brand materials in your package, like your social media graphics, website, brochures, etc.



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When I first met with Right Think I knew I would need their expertise. I had created a brand that I wasn’t in love with and it was time for a make-over. Little did I expect, however, what a huge impact their creativity and process would have on my business and me as an individual. Their ability in guiding me to achieve perfect clarity was astounding.

Vanessa Hansen

Owner, Illume

Seriously, I would be doing a disservice if I didn’t share. I want to take a moment to honor and respect BRIAN HALLEY at Right Think. What an amazing individual. He and his team are some of the highest classed and skilled individuals I have worked with. Talk about nailing it. They really helped me find clarity and build power in my message and brand. The process and delivery were very professional and smooth. If anyone needs next level branding I highly recommend reaching out to him.

Steve McCleery

Owner, ISE

Our logo and brand were exactly what we were hoping for. We were able to see options, hear great feedback and now have a brand we love and are proud to display to the world. You will love the process and final result.

Kirt Forakis

Owner, Marketing KIS


Hi there! My name is Brian Halley. I am the founder of Right Think, a company dedicated to helping small businesses access the secrets of branding that have traditionally been only available to big brands with big marketing budgets. In order for small businesses to gain ground and grow in today’s overcrowded marketplace, it is imperative that business owners receive a sound branding education and apply branding principles to their businesses.

With 20 years of design experience, working with brands like Reebok, Nordic Track, Harry Potter, Jelly Belly and the NBA, and building my own brand from scratch, our company can bring extraordinary value to your business by helping you understand that a brand is much more than a logo, and how creating a brand strategy based on our 4 Pillars of Branding, will advance your brand visually, drive effective, targeted marketing plans and guide important business decisions throughout the life of your brand.